The Victoria cooperage has specialized for over twenty years in producing American oak barrels and has long been a reference on the European market.
Its expertise and knowledge of oak and the traditional know-how handed down by its mother company, Radoux, has made it a top class cooperage, and a leader on the Spanish market.
Thanks to their high standard of quality, Victoria barrels can be found in the most famous wine estates.

American white oak

Chêne américain

We have extensive experience in sourcing wood and know how to select the best batches of American white oak (Quercus Alba). We choose only the best specimens within the region of Missouri.
American white oak, which is rich in lactones with a low tannin content, gives notes of vanilla and coconut to the wine, along with a moderate amount of sweetness.
Our Victoria barrels offer a rich aromatic complexity (vanilla, undergrowth, cloves, chocolate, smokiness), particularly sought after by wine makers

After a strict process of selection, wood is delivered to our exclusive stave mill in Missouri.
The fact that we maintain the same source for our raw material enables us to guarantee the regularity of the gustatory profile of our barrels from one year to the next.

Natural maturation in open air for 2 and 3 years

The Victoria range has two levels of maturation: 2 and 3 years
The staves, exposed to the rain, wind and sun, are left to season over several months before being used. This is an essential stage in the life of the barrel, as it gives the wood time to gain in finesse and aromatic complexity.

The 3 year Victoria barrel stands apart because of its very long maturation. It respects the fruit and the characteristic of the wine, allowing the wine and the wood to fully integrate. It is therefore meant for wines of character which require long periods of aging.

— This barrel is only available upon reservation.


Craftmanship combined with modern technology

Victoria is an integral part of Radoux and therefore benefits from its mother company’s know-how and is noted for its strive for excellence for both its products and services.
Combining craftsmanship with modern technology, Victoria barrels offer exceptional homogeneity and regularity.
Each stage of manufacture undergoes a series of checks and tests under the control of our craftsmen and master coopers.

Thanks to this unique know-how combined with a rigorous wood selection and a precise and reproducible toast, Victoria has established itself as a key reference on the market for American white oak barrels.


Species : Quercus Alba
Origin : Missouri
Sourcing : Exclusive stave mill
Maturation : 100% natural air drying
Length of time : 2 or 3 years
Size : 225 or 300 liters
Toasts : 6 levels of intensity, regular and reproducible

Transport barrels (400L and 500L) available upon request.

Quality, homogeneity and regularity of toasts

In addition to the various levels of toast, Victoria has developed specific techniques in order to offer you four different ranges : Classique, Haute Expression, Grace and Forte.
These original toasts have been studied to bring more or less intense and complex aromas, depending on the grape variety and the length of aging. Combined with the intensity of the toast, they enable us to achieve precise objectives and to adapt according to the various grape varieties and types of wine.

Our sales teams, made up of experienced professionals, are there to advise you and accompany you in achieving the results you are seeking for your wines.



The Classique toast allows us to preserve the typical characteristics of American oak.
A barrel with a high aromatic intensity with mainly soft notes such as coconut and vanilla, blending elegantly with the wine.
Generally suited to all types of aging.

M M+
Almond ** **
Vanilla *** **
Fresh wood – coconut ** ***
Grilled, toasted * **
Aromatic intensity * **
Structure – Integration *** **
INTENSITY : * Low, ** Moderate, *** Intense


In the case of the Haute Expression toast, the temperature and the length of the toast have been developed to achieve a new and distinct breaking down of the oak compounds, thus generating new aromatic compounds and reducing others.
This results in a barrel with a significant aromatic complexity, more spicy and balsamic notes, with a toning down of the American character, and great respect of the fruit.
This toast is recommended for the aging of both red and white wines

M M+
Almond ** **
Vanilla * **
Fresh wood – coconut * *
Grilled, toasted * **
Aromatic intensity ** **
Structure – Integration ** **
INTENSITY : * Low, ** Moderate, *** Intense

GRACE toast

The Grace toast helps develop a complex aromatic palette, respect the fresh and fruity character of the wine and reduce whisky-lactones to a maximum.

Almond *
Vanilla *
Fresh wood – coconut *
Grilled, toasted **
Café **
Aromatic intensity **
Structure – Integration *
INTENSITY : * Low, ** Moderate, *** Intense

FORTE toast

The Forte toast helps release strong aromas which are suited both to wines and spirits.

Almond **
Vanilla **
Fresh wood – coconut ***
Grilled, toasted ***
Aromatic intensity ***
Structure – Integration *
INTENSITY : * Low, ** Moderate, *** Intense